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Counselling Training

Have you been thinking about training as a counsellor for some time, and been hesitant about taking that next step.  We know how that feels, our tutors are qualified and working counsellors who hesitated too! One for over twenty years....and now she wonders why she waited so long.   Our counselling training courses are run by CPCAB approved trainers and are a perfect way for you to start your training journey.

Our last 90 hours Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills, runs from mid January to beginning of May  2024 apply here if interested.   From September 2024 this qualification will be a 150 hour qualification at a considerably higher cost.  So don't delay and apply now!


Last Few Places


“The tutor has a passion for teaching and much experience to draw on. She demonstrates an excellent level of understanding of  the qualification and has supported the students continuously. She has remained a steady influence throughout.”
External Verfifer for CPCAB January 2023



The delivery of the course has been wonderful, the trainer has been really encouraging, engaging. She has

provided me with an insight into where it can take us and how my skills can be used.



“I found the tutor to be very supportive even when I hit some ‘’bumps’ in my learning journey. Her delivery was clear and informative.”
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